About me

SCAD Atlanta Generate 2015

SCAD Atlanta Generate 2015

Born and raised around Baltimore, MD, I was inspired by some pretty amazing places. The Baltimore National Aquarium was a short trip away, and the neon glow of their Shark Alley transported me to the inky depths.

I remember trips to Hanover, where we would see movies at Cinemark Egyptian, which was, quite literally, an Egyptian temple. Movies like "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" were made even more magical when you got to travel to ancient Egypt to see them.

Washington D.C. was a common field trip destination, so the Museum of Natural History always held a place in my heart. These fantastical places contributed to my early dreams to study marine biology or archaeology.

However, I grew into a love for drawing and realized that I had neither the brains for science nor the stomach for medical work. They did, however, share something in common; these building blocks to my childhood could transport their visitors to other worlds so quickly and dramatically. It's because of these memories that I want to pursue themed entertainment, creative development, and scenic design.